Vision and Mission

With a vision to provide the highest quality disposable tableware combined with unsurpassed customer service and the highest ethical standards, DuraCorp LLC was created in 2005 to be more than a manufacturing company. These three standards by which we conduct our business provide a “platter” from which we serve and operate to make the world just a little better place to live and conduct business.

Not only are these the guiding principles by which we conduct our business, but they are also a direct reflection of who we are as individual associates. Seven unique individuals came together to form a team of owner-managers to create an environment dedicated to becoming servants—servants to each other, servants to our customers, and servants to our suppliers. Hence, the brand name of our products, SuperServe.

Our owner-management team brings years of product development and business management experience in the paper industry to achieve our goal of delivering premium disposable tableware to the market. Using technology this team developed and subsequently licensed from a Fortune 50 company, our products represent the ultimate in combining environmentally friendly materials with elegance, convenience, and incredible strength.


Unlike any other disposable food service product on the market, SuperServe is manufactured with a new technology utilizing three plies of paper, corrugated together in an engineered structure to provide extraordinary strength. SuperServe also possesses insulating properties, is fully microwavable, and is coated to provide excellent cut and leak resistance. Our product lines are all made with the same base technology and are the ideal disposable for virtually any use from backyard barbeques and carryout dinners, to upscale gala events and customized restaurant or commercial foodservice applications. Try us, and “see what SuperServe can bring to your table”.

Our Vision:
is to be a worldwide leader in manufacturing innovative, high-quality disposable tableware while delivering superior customer service and conducting business according to the highest ethical and moral standards.

Our Mission:
is to successfully design, create, manufacture, and sell superior single-serve tableware products.

  • We will become “customer servants” by providing unrivaled customer service and always making our customers our number one priority.
  • We will provide unique, innovative, high-quality products and services on-time and of good value to our customers.
  • We will treat our customers and suppliers as business partners by fostering an environment of mutual respect, honesty, and exceptional communication.
  • We will conduct business in a manner that provides a positive impact on our customers, suppliers, communities, and families.